Documents & Downloads

Here is a list of the documents available for download:

Downloadable Forms

NearVision CK™
Consent Form

(PDF, 89KB)
NearVision CK™ Post-Op Care
Consent Form

(PDF, 176KB)
Refractive Cataract Surgery
Consent Form

(PDF, 65KB)
Refractive Surgery Fees
Consent Form

(PDF, 47KB)
Refractive Lens Exchange
Consent Form

(PDF, 67KB)


2009 VRV Corporate Brochure
(PDF, 545KB)

Downloadable Documents

Prevention of Macular Degeneration
(PDF, 64KB)
Astigmatic Keratotomy with
Cataract Surgery

(PDF, 89KB)
  What Can I do and What Can't I do
After Surgery?

(PDF, 17KB)