Implantable Contact Lens Surgery

One to two weeks prior to the insertion of your Implantable Contact Lens™ (ICL), your ophthalmologist will perform a procedure called an iridotomy .  After numbing your eye, he will use a YAG laser to make one or two small openings near the edge of your iris . These openings serve as outlets that will allow the fluid in your eye to circulate around the lens. He may then prescribe eye drops for you to use during the time leading up to your ICL procedure.

ICL surgery is similar to routine cataract surgery. The most obvious difference is that the natural lens is not removed during an ICL procedure.  After the eye is fully numbed, the surgeon will make one or two very small incision(s) in the surface of the eye in or near the cornea through which he can position your lens.  Next, he will temporarily introduce a protective gel like substance, to protect the eye during lens placement, which will be removed at the end of the procedure. The surgeon will then open a small self sealing incision (2.8mm) through which he will insert the folded lens.  After insertion, the lens will be unfolded and the corners tucked away behind the iris in an area called the Ciliary Sulcus .

Subsequent to the lens surgery, vision enhancement procedures may be performed to obtain optimal vision.  These procedures might include:

  • Astigmatic Keratotomy (incisions in the outer cornea to alter its shape)
  • Conductive Keratoplasty® (radio-frequency energy applied to the outer cornea to alter its shape)
  • PRK or LASIK (laser shaping procedures of the cornea )