Accommodating Intraocular Lens
A flexible lens that improves a patients capability of seeing far, intermediate and near with less dependence on glasses

An optical imperfection in which the cornea is shaped more like a football than a soccer ball

Astigmatic Keratotomy
A surgical procedure used to correct astigmatism by making one or two incisions at the steepest part of the cornea causing the cornea to relax and take a more rounded shape

cataract is a hardening or clouding of the eye's natural lens

The transparent dome shaped window that covers the front of the eye

Ciliary Sulcus
A ring of muscle that supports the eyes natural lens and which causes the eye to focus (word not found)

Conductive Keratoplasty (Near Vision CK™)
A procedure in which radio frequency energy is applied to the outer cornea to alter its shape

Diabetic Retinopathy
Diabetic Retinopathy is damage to the blood vessels in the retina, caused as a complication to diabetes

Extracapsular Cataract Surgery
Extracapsular Cataract Surgery is a surgical technique in which the natural lens of the eye is removed intact as opposed to phacoemulsification

Fuchs Dystrophy
Is a degenerative disorder of the cornea

is a group of diseases of the optic nerve

| A surgical procedure using a laser to puncture minute holes into the Iris allowing fluid to circulate freely

The coloured part of the eye containing the pupil

Is a surgical procedure in which a small flap is lifted from the cornea.  The cornea is then reshaped using a laser

Macular Degeneration
is a medical condition usually of older adults which results in a loss of vision in the center of the visual field (the macula) because of damage to the retina. It occurs in “dry” and “wet” forms

Those with myopia see nearby objects clearly but distant objects appear blurred

is a surgical technique in which the natural lens of the eye is broken up using an ultrasonic probe. The broken up material is then evacuated through the same probe

An inability of the eye to focus on near objects due to the loss of elasticity in the natural lens of the eye

Photorefractive Keratectomy is a surgical procedure in which a laser is used to remove the outer surface of the cornea to alter its shape

The black part at the centre of the eye that controls the amount of light entering the eye

light sensitive tissue lining the inner surface of the eye on which an image is focused

YAG laser
A type of laser used in refractive surgeries