Choose the Best Procedure for Your Age

Under 45

For those who are suitable candidates, Laser Vision Correction [LVC] surgery performed on the cornea provides excellent results, preserving the still useful natural lens. Those judged to be poor candidates for laser surgery may still be helped with a surgical procedure to implant an Implantable Contact Lens™ (ICL) at VRV.

Over 50

Laser Vision Correction [LVC] surgery alters the contour of the cornea , resetting the focus of the eye. Overtime, natural lens changes will progressively reduce any benefit from this surgery. Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) used in Vision Rejuvenation™ arrests and reverses the loss of contrast, colour and clarity as well as more permanently bringing vision into focus.  Near vision can also be enhanced by using the latest Multifocal or Accommodating Intraocular Lens implants.


If you are between the ages 45 to 50, you may be a suitable candidate for any of the procedures.  An initial assessment at VRV will allow us to determine the best procedure for you.