A Non-Invasive Treatment for Floaters

Vitreous opacities or “floaters” are a common frustration associated with aging, although they can be troubling for some patients even in their twenties. They may result from the separation of some surface elements from the inner retinal surface when the vitreous body detaches from the retina, as it inevitably does at some point, or they may occur in some people as a natural degenerative change in the vitreous body. Most floaters are only an annoyance, but for some patients they can be a major

In 2016 Vision Rejuvenation Victoria became the first clinic in western Canada to use the Ultra-Q laser to treat problematic floaters. The Ultra-Q is specifically designed to accurately deliver energy at all depths within the vitreous, allowing treatment of opacities in proximity to the retina in the back and the natural lens in the front of the vitreous.

Not all patients with vitreous floaters are good candidates for laser floater removal. Some patients have very dense clouds of floaters that might be improved with LFR, but not eliminated. These patients may be more appropriately treated with vitrectomy surgery, although this surgery is more invasive and has more significant risk to vision. Others have opacities that extend forward to near the crystalline lens, and cannot be safely treated without risking injury to the lens and certain cataract development.

LFR with the Ultra-Q laser is not an MSP insured service and patients will billed for this prior to a course of treatment. Payment may be either by cheque or credit card. Frequently the treatment requires a second or even third treatment, and these treatments, if required, are included in this fee.

Treatment for Floaters - Ultra-Q laser