Specialty treatments for the preservation and restoration of sight in eye diseases of aging

Offering the first laser treatments in North America for evolving or advanced Macular Degeneration,Vision Rejuvenation Victoria is determined to be a leader in advanced medical and laser eye care

Our goal at Vision Rejuvenation Victoria is to provide the latest and best in techniques for the diagnosis and management of eye diseases, particularly the two eye diseases accounting for most of the cases of blindness in Canada, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). There is often a long delay between the time that a given assessment technique or treatment modality has been shown to be effective and safe, and the widespread adoption of these techniques in medical practice. This is in part due to the fact that physicians generally are generally working very hard. Learning about, and then embracing new technology is a time-consuming process. Furthermore, access to emerging technologies is often limited in the first few years by regulatory issues and the fact that both public institutions and individual practitioners are unwilling to bear the cost of new technology until the pressure to embrace that technology reaches a high level.

We believe that providing the very best eye care requires that we provide access to proven, accredited technology at the earliest date possible, so that years of sight impairment or permanent vision loss can be avoided.

Our Lasers

Vision Rejuvenation Victoria has the widest selection of therapeutic eye lasers of any non-hospital clinic in the country. Laser energy is now used for many purposes in treating eye diseases because they are so precise and yet non-invasive within the eye.

Some lasers such as the YAG combine surgical precision in eliminating unwanted sources of obstruction to the passage of light through the eye, thereby sharpening the image on the retina and producing clearer vision. Yet they can do so without the need for any entry wound or manipulation within the eye. The result is rapid and usually painless procedure without injury to collateral eye structures and rapid recovery, without the risk of introducing infection.

The SLT laser can be used to make small perforations in the drainage channel filter of the eye to lower eye pressure in this way protect the optic nerve in patients suffering from glaucoma. SLT laser treatment can forestall there need for eye drop therapy or allow for drop therapy to be discontinued in some cases. In more severe cases it can be used as a complement to eye drop management of intraocular pressure.

Other lasers such as the 2-RT laser target specific cells within the eye in order to restore their function. These rejuvenated cells can then go to work reversing degenerative change in order to restore more useful eye health and prevent vision loss.

Finally, some lasers can be used to alter the optics of the cornea to change the focussing pattern of light onto the retina. The best known example of this is the Excimer laser that is used around the world to allow people greater freedom from glasses.

Medical Director at Vision Rejuvenation™ - Dr. Lawrence Brierley

After graduating from medical school Dr. Lawrence Brierley first worked as an emergency room physician. He then trained in Ophthalmology at UBC in Vancouver, followed by a fellowship year in Jerusalem. He has had further educational appointments in Nice (France), Stanford (California) and a Detweiler scholarship to study corneal disease and surgery in Paris.

He has delivered numerous papers at ophthalmic meetings around the world and has been a frequent contributor to meetings of ophthalmology societies in Canada, the United States and Europe to which he belongs.

Dr. Brierley has practiced ophthalmology on Vancouver Island for many years, performing over 30,000 Cataract /Implant operations as well as cornea transplants and surface eye and eyelid procedures over that period. In 1999 he relocated his clinic to the Broadmead area of Victoria where the emphasis has been on using state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to deliver optimal care for patients. Over the years the focus of his professional activities have shifted more from surgical to laser treatments for eye disease.

Dr. Brierley has performed charitable eye surgery and taught in developing countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. He is a student of philosophy and a keen cyclist and back-country skier.

If you have concerns regarding your vision,call us or your eye care professional.